• Engineering and Construction in the Russian Downstream: Do Not Miss the Market

    Will the Russian industry keep pace with the current market changes? Market share and profits are not the only things that are at stake, so is the potential for the development of the Russian economy.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Сorporate sector strategies development, long-term planning of market development, designing asset investment portfolio management system, operating efficiency and competitive environment analysis, support in collaboration with public authorities, M&A transaction support.

  • Industry Research

    Energy policy evolution, world and domestic oil and gas market developments, industrial challenges and new technologies. Expert opinion on crucial energy issues, focus on practical recommendations for business.

  • Open Discussion of Energy Sector Issues

    Organization and conceptualization of topical round tables and conferences to establish efficient dialogue on energy sector. In-depth industry expertise.


Press and Media Service

If you need a comment with oil and gas market analysis or the opinion of leading industry experts, please contact our Press Service.