Grigory Vygon held a discussion on import substitution in oil and gas technologies for the Tyumen International Innovation Forum

Sep 23, 2016

Oil and gas technology import substitution has become a key conversation topic at Tyumen Oil and Gas Innovation Forum on 21 September. Grigory Vygon, managing director of VYGON Consulting moderated the discussion.

The plenary session was attended by The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoy, The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus Kovkhuto Andrei, Tyumen Region Governor Vladimir Yakushev, General Director of “Production Association “Belorusneft” Aleksandr Lyakhov, Senior Vice President for Oil and Gas Production and the Member of the Management Board at Lukoil PJSC Azat Shamsuarov.

S.Donskoy has opened the session by claiming that today around 30% out of 29 bln t reserves in Russia are related to hard-to-recover reserves. He added that development of these reserves requires the use of innovative technologies enabling them to become cost-effective. Annual liquid HCs production according to the industry development strategy should be maintained at 525 mt level with possible increment in the case of positive market trends.

He also noted, that the development of hard-to-recover reserves at present is unattractive from an economic point, while the main future target is to bring the oil marginal cost from hard deposits to the production cost of oil from conventional reserves. Donskoy reminded that the new Russian classification of oil and combustible gas reserves and resources, which came into force on January 1, 2016, assumes the use of innovative methods in reserves calculation and field exploitation modeling.

The terms of reserves filing in the new classification has improved noticeably, administrative barriers were eliminated – Donskoy mentioned, and added that most crucial within the classification is improving the procedures to engage inefficient and hard-to-recover reserves in operation.

Azat shared his experience in applying advanced technologies in LUKOIL. In September, LUKOIL is launching its own production of permanent magnet motors with 5 thousand units p.a. installed capacity, reported Shamsuarov. The company also implements offshore projects using the most advanced technology as well as high-viscosity oil production technologies. Thus, LUKOIL has become first to introduce Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage project (SAGD) in the system of horizontal wells in the area Lyaelskoy of Yaregskoye field.


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