Detailed LNG supply-and-demand balance forecast up to 2025 - proposed in the new VYGON Consulting study

Dec 27, 2018

The expert community virtually unanimously expects that the global LNG market will become imbalanced with the arrival of the new wave of projects after 2020 and this will make the oversupply a long-term trend. However, several factors indicate that such a pessimistic scenario for LNG producers is not a likely one. These include the risks of cancellation or postponement of the construction of new plants, shortage of LNG-carriers, as well as investment cycles in the industry.

In the study “Global LNG Market: Illusory Glut”, VYGON Consulting analysts evaluated the impact of factors limiting LNG supply, assessed the chances of proposed projects for timely commissioning and estimated the potential for global demand growth. They proposed a detailed supply-and-demand balance forecast up to 2025 that allowed to identify the most favorable period for making investment decisions on the construction of new plants.

The executive summary and presentation of the study are available at: