The Impact of New Tax Regulations on Budget Revenues, Refineries, Consumers in Russia and the EEU Countries – Assessed in the New VYGON Consulting Study

Nov 22, 2018

Completion of the tax maneuver is hardly the first transformation in the history of the Russian oil industry; it represents the logical conclusion of the process that started in 2011. The strategic goal of the tax maneuver completion is to reduce the extent of non-systematic subsidies for Russian oil refining and the EEU countries.

The study “Completion of the Tax Maneuvers: Episode I – The Damping Mechanism” analyzed the impact of new regulations on budget revenues, refineries, consumers in Russia and the EEU countries. To what extent will the stated goals be achieved and should the reforms be pursued following the completion of the maneuver?

The executive summary of the study is available at:


Chief Economist