Turkish Stream: Scenarios of Bypassing Ukraine and Barriers of European Commission

Jun 9, 2015

The new study conducted by VYGON Consulting considers possible scenarios of Turkish Stream project development from the point of three engaged (involved) parties balance of interest: Russia as the main gas supplier, major transit countries (Ukraine and potentially Turkey) and natural gas consumer (EU).

Within the recently established European policy on reducing dependence from Russian gas, the last attempts to carry out a full-scale turnaround to the East and further diversify the sales market. The announced refusal to prolong the existing transit agreement with Ukraine after its expiration in 2019 had put the EU in an intricate situation. For the remaining 4,5 years Russia would have to find and implement mutually acceptable solutions to by-pass Ukrainian transit corridor and deliver its gas from the Turkish or EU border to the European customers under the existing contract obligations, part of which is in effect even after 2035.