VYGON Consulting new study "Russian Oil Industry: 2015 Results and Outlook for 2016-2017"

May 12, 2016
The past year 2015 has become a landmark for the Russian oil industry. Threefold drop in oil prices, “tax maneuver” and rouble devaluation made the long-term trends shift in production, refining, exports and domestic sales of crude oil and oil products.

The new study conducted by VYGON Consulting “Russian Oil Industry: 2015 Results and Outlook for 2016-2017” provides in-depth analysis of production and economic performance in key Russian oil sectors in 2015, as well as projections for 2016-2017. Selected forecast horizon under the current environment is vital for the Government to make decisions on budget balancing and launching regulatory reforms in Oil & Gas sector.

This report unveils a series of annual products by VYGON Consulting with its own independent forecast of Russian oil industry development.

Summary report page (in English): http://vygon.consulting/en/products/issue-631/

Full version research page (in Russian): http://vygon.consulting/products/issue-598/