Russian Gas Chemical Industry. Part 2. Ammonia: Proceed at Your Own Risk

Our series of research papers on the Russian gas chemical industry was launched with the product devoted to the development of the methanol industry – “Gas Chemical Industry of Russia. Part 1. Methanol: Only Plans So Far”. However, in terms of global production volume methanol ranks only as the second largest product of methane chemistry. The choice was made in its favor because we decided to proceed from the simple to the complex: unlike ammonia, methanol is a widely traded product and thus the operations of the entire sector are more clear. Therefore, our first paper analyzed in detail the complexities of the industry environment: regulatory issues, including the gas price mechanism, technical regulations and support measures in terms of project financing. All this is also true for ammonia and the products of its processing.

The purpose of the “Russian Gas Chemical Industry. Part 2. Ammonia: Proceed at Your Own Risk” research is to analyze the alternative line of methane chemistry through the prism of potential for natural gas monetization through ammonia, urea and ammonium nitrate. As for the agriculture – the major segment of ammonia consumption – the authors focused on the analysis of the nitrogen fertilizer markets and examination of industrial consumption.