Russia, United States and OPEC: Who Controls The World Oil Market?

Just one year and a half after the beginning of the low oil price cycle triggered by soaring oil production, key crude suppliers have shown concern over developing regulation tools in global oil supply. Everybody is focused on the upcoming meeting of the oil-exporting countries to be held in Doha on April 17, 2016.

OPEC quotas were the only mechanism to regulate oil supply until recently. However, at the end of 2014 OPEC decided to succumb to market forces, and not reduce production but instead even increase it in 2015. Perhaps such unconventional behavior of the regulator is due to changing upstream investment cycle paradigm that was most clearly demonstrated in the United States as a result of the shale revolution.

We will try to answer the following questions in this study:

  • What are real chances for oil production to change in the United States, Russia and OPEC?
  • What are scenarios of world crude oil balance after the meeting of major suppliers
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