Corporate Strategies for the Sector

VYGON Consulting offers expert support to elaborate strategic business plans and design efficient decision-making system for investing.

Offshore field investment or hard-to-recover reserve development technology? Investment in refinery upgrading or streamline the processing volume? Is there any future for independent gas producers? What is the most efficient way of modernization? All these questions can only be answered with the help of an industry consultant who understands the technical aspects of doing the business, and at the same time, knows the current trends in Russian legislation environment.

Key areas:

  • Strategic planning – macroeconomic, pricing and regulatory scenarios for Russian and international energy markets;
  • Generating strategic guidelines for corporate development;
  • Designing the required portfolio options (acquire brand new assets, dispose of inefficient assets or their streamlining) to achieve strategic targets;
  • Investment management – a corporate system for comparative analysis of investment options, risk assessment and value potential measurement, making investment decisions and efficiency analysis during and after the implementation.

The competitive edge of VYGON Consulting in this area is the unique experience of the professional team in developing strategies for Russian and international oil & gas majors, profound knowledge of international practices as well as Russian petroleum industry specific features and investment/regulatory environment.

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