Interaction with Public Authorities

Many companies often face difficulties when promoting their legislative initiatives because they explicitly seek to benefit within their own interests (or interests of the group of companies).

Probability of successful regulatory initiatives promotion can be multiplied significantly if there are four components to be accomplished:

  • If there is an independent consultant involved in the process and not affiliated with any of the parties;
  • If a credible feasibility study assumes the long-term interests of all parties (company, industry, State, contractors, consumers, etc.);
  • If all the elements of Government decision-making are counted (priorities, level and decision-making procedures);
  • If an efficient interaction is arranged between all interested parties.

VYGON Consulting team provides high-class data and analytic support for their clients in cooperation with public authorities. Our fundamental principle is that any regulatory initiative should respect the State interests. Our experience suggests that it is always possible to reach the balance of interests.

Key stages in research arrangements:

  • Identification and analysis of industry challenges;
  • Developing scenarios to eliminate or minimize the problem by modifying the regulatory framework;
  • Estimating the initiative effect for a company, Government and any other market participants;
  • Evaluating the regulatory impact of the initiative in terms of market promotion, competition, administrative barriers, administration opportunities etc.;
  • Promoting the regulatory initiative and adjusting the dialogue with core public authorities, other industry players and expert community;
  • Preparing draft regulations and any required accompanying documentation.

VYGON Consulting operating directions to reform the regulatory framework in Russia:

  • Taxation and customs/tariff policy;
  • Subsoil use and licensing;
  • Natural monopoly tariffs regulation;
  • Pricing/antimonopoly regulation;
  • Structural changes, competition.
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