Portfolio Management

A well-balanced assets portfolio maximizing the company’s value is a goal for any business-targeted entity. Often, for some reasons, the company may not give an adequate assessment of its optimal assets portfolio. Engaging an industry consultant would be the right choice then to get an independent expertise.

Key areas:

  • Assets portfolios analysis and optimization;
  • Ranking organic/nonorganic options of business development by various criteria and scenarios of oil and gas industry;
  • Identifying residual/non-core assets and measures for their streamlining or disposal;
  • Preparing the marketing papers on disposed assets.

VYGON Consulting experts have been involved for a long time in managing and optimizing assets portfolios for Russian and international oil & gas companies, including ТNК-ВР, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft, ВР, and are willing to share their expertise.

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