Power practice

Strategy development

VYGON Consulting experts have taken part in the development of the strategies of business development in the energy sector for the utilities and portfolio investors. Services include:

  • Strategic target setting;
  • Investment analysis;
  • Development of the company`s strategic development plans;
  • Opportunity cost analysis and assessment of strategic options.

Sustainable development advisory (energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy, waste management)

VYGON Consulting provides a wide range of advisory support including within sustainable development advisory:

  • Regional RE potential assessment;
  • Regional master plan development;
  • Development of resource efficiency and waste management plans;
  • Investment analysis;
  • Development of the strategy for the sustainable development investment;
  • Business plan support;
  • Regulatory analysis and risk assessment;
  • Investor and developer support.

Power Markets Economic Analysis

VYGON Consulting experts took part in the power sector restructuring process and were involved in the design of the deregulated power market. Due to the excellent power market intelligence VYGON Consulting provides:

  • Recommendations on the power sector regulation;
  • Market assessment and forecasting;
  • Economic due diligence;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Benchmarking.

Regulatory and tariffs

VYGON Consulting experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the economics of oil, gas and electricity sectors, market structures and the regulation methods used by the government authorities and market regulators. Services include:

  • Regulatory management and tariff studies;
  • Regulator support in the tariff methodology and regulatory base development;
  • Tariff calculation and verification;
  • Benefits and costs analysis of different policy options.

Transaction support

VYGON Consulting provides transaction support within:

  • M&A transactions for sellers, buyers and financing institutions;
  • PPP projects for the government, private investors and financing institutions;
  • Competitive selections of the investment projects (government support mechanisms: green tariffs, capacity payments for RE, etc.)
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