February, 5 2015

VYGON Consulting conducted a press breakfast in the World Trade Center with media representatives under the topic “Challenges and scenarios for Russian oil industry development."


VYGON Consulting provides high-quality platform for the dialogue between business and government.
High-level industry expertise and understanding the interests of the State and industry is a key companies’ benefit.

Conference format:

  • Public panel discussions and round tables within the large forums
  • Own public thematic conferences
  • Own closed meeting conferences

Key event topics:

  • Strategies and scenarios of oil and gas industry development
  • Tax reform (“tax maneuver”, financial result tax, tax incentives for hard-to-recover reserves and exploration)
  • Exploration, production and refining technologies
  • Oil products pricing mechanisms
  • Competition in oil and gas production, refining and oil products marketing
  • Investment decision during low oil prices
  • Anti-crisis measures in energy sector
  • Improving the efficiency of fuel and energy complex
  • Import substitution
  • World oil and gas market (unconventional oil and gas, OPEC, pricing etc.)