VYGON Consulting press breakfast

Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov, Director of the Department of Tax and Customs Tariff Policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Ilya Trunin and VYGON Consulting Managing director Grigory Vygon discussed important issues on oil and gas industry development and key challenges.

Press breakfast with media representatives was held on February 5 at the World Trade Center. The main topics of discussion werestrategic industry documents development, domestic energy market situation, oil price fall, the impact of external and internal challenges, tax reform, and others.

The moderator Grigory Vygon noted, that today Energy Strategy is shifting towards energy policy."In current situation Energy Strategy and General Scheme should be strategic, rather than declarative, and set a specific development vector. These documents should  be accompanied by a roadmap, plans to adopt legal acts. Thus, they would be of practical value. Talking about the oil industry development strategy in general, we need to understand exactly the target configuration, where the industry should come in 5 and 20 years", he outlined.

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