Solutions for Russian State Bodies

Taxation and customs/tariff regulation
  • "Tax maneuvers"
  • Financial result tax/additional income tax from hydrocarbon production (FRT/NDD)
  • Tax incentives for hard-to-recover reserves and new technologies implementation in oil production
  • Regional tax incentives
  • Production sharing agreements
  • Tax incentives for exploration
  • Taxation in gas production
  • Customs/tariff policies in oil refining
  • Excise policy
  • Comparative analysis of tax systems worldwide
Subsoil use and licensing
  • Subsoil use regulations
  • Classification of hydrocarbon resources and reserves
  • Incentives for associated petroleum gas utilization
  • Individual payments for subsoil use
  • Administrative barriers in subsoil use
Natural monopoly tariff regulation
  • Oil transportation tariffs for long-distance pipelines
  • Gas transportation tariffs for Gazprom pipelines for independent producers
Pricing/antimonopoly regulation
  • Analysis of pricing level justification at the wholesale/retail petroleum products market
  • Pricing for gas supplied by Gazprom to the domestic market
Structural changes, competition
  • Development of independent oil company sector
  • Development of gas sector scenarios
  • Infrastructure access for hydrocarbon producers
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